Essay on Tangibility of Healthcare in Services Marketing

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1. Scale of market entities – is healthcare intangible dominant or tangible dominant? In contrast to tangible dominant offerings that can be felt, tasted, and seen, the healthcare services that are offered by the hospital can be categorized as intangible dominant. This intangible service is largely characterized by interactions with healthcare professionals, education on health conditions, and ultimately a better quality of health. Though the offering is primarily intangible, if the hospital is to be successful they should integrate a few tangible aspects to the offering. If the end goal of the service is to tend to the needs of the patient’s health through a primarily intangible offering, tangible elements such as medical equipment,…show more content…
Other customers can certainly be viewed as potentially diminishing the service experience in a delivery. The hospital did a relatively good job of keeping the parents isolated from other customers, with the exception of the father-to-be hearing loud screams from another patient in his holding room as he waited to be taken to the delivery room with his wife. The hospital furthermore had several behind-the-scenes operations that occurred. These invisible organizations and systems included regulatory mandates on maximum labor hours, forms that documented personal information, maximum occupancy policies for the NICU and the Grower Room, parking policies, and required hospital equipment. 3. See attached page for Molecular Model. 4. Suggestions for an overall improvement in the service: The couple’s first experience of having newborn babies came unexpected amidst severe warnings of a hurricane at 5:20 AM; the mother’s water had broken and the baby was being born 13 weeks early. The delivery was high risk, not only due to the premature nature of the newborns, but also because the pregnancy was multiple-birth (twins). As this is a high-stress moment for any future parent, and ones with complex situations in particular, the overall service experience should be as easy, informational, safe, and stress-free as possible. As the couple arrives to the
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