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Tanglewood Case One Rebecca Cassady With reference to Exhibit 1.7 in the textbook, I think that of the staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies listed; that developing talent, internal hiring, and exceptional workforce quality are the fundamental strategies to implement. By utilizing these differentiation strategies, Tanglewood would continue its strong culture. Tanglewood must differentiate themselves from their competition; companies like Target and Kohl’s. Tangelwood can accomplish this by having the best staff that delivers a positive experience their customers, thus, making their store standout from their competitors. These strategies will help maintain a positive work atmosphere and build a strong relationship among…show more content…
Internal hiring is a better strategy for Tanglewood than external hiring because it allows everyone to start at the bottom as an associate and work their way up in the company. Using this strategy allows the company culture to flourish. Each employee must understand the culture of the business by starting out as an associate and learning how the company operates and about its culture. Exceptional workforce quality is a better strategy than acceptable workforce. Tanglewood’s target market is the middle to upper class. The company employs moderate pricing with a strategy of differentiation. They differentiate themselves from the competition by having a large camping and outdoor living area in each store. Having an exceptional workforce quality means hiring associates that will be excited about Tanglewood and provide excellent customer service. Having a strong customer service focus will encourage customers to repeat visits to the store, and enable the company to stand out among the competition as a customer’s favorite place to shop. Hire yourself or outsource: This is an extraordinary decision, for any organization to consider, because it offers both advantages and disadvantages of the company business decisions. Outsourcing a consultant for Tanglewood would mean they would require the knowledge to the current goals and objectives of the HR functions. That would cause all results be

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