Tanglewood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case 1: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy Introduction: Tanglewood has experienced success and very fast growth over the years, due to the involved efforts of its founders, its core workforce and strategies around participative style of management. This report looks at the Tanglewood strategy and goals for the future, the two key elements of staffing decisions, namely staffing levels and staffing quality, to come up with recommendations on these elements which will help Tanglewood achieve its strategic staffing objectives. Tanglewood Strategy and Goals: A lot of growth for Tanglewood in the recent past has been by acquisition of existing stores, which combined with a regional structure empowered with autonomous…show more content…
Based on this, it would be better for the organization to develop talent internally, by focusing on best practices, empowering people to live the Tanglewood way and then leveraging these employees to spread the culture across the organization. Talent acquisition would be a key element as well once the organization expands into new geographies and stores, but it key focus should now be to develop its internal talent that would help it to scale up its operations while keeping its culture alive and active. 2. Hire Yourself or Outsource – Given that the core staffing objective now is ensuring that Tanglewood culture is focused and driven throughout the organization, it is recommended that the company does it own hiring so that it has a lot of control on the end to end hiring process, and ensures that it on boards candidates with values consistent with the culture of the organization. Also, the corporate staffing director should develop uniform guidelines and processes for hiring, which would be given to each of the individual stores which would ensure that consistent hiring and staffing practices are followed across the organization. Having control over hiring, and closely monitoring this activity at least for the short to medium term would be core for achieving the consistency and uniformity that is needed across the organization. 3. External
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