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TANGLEWOOD STORIES AND STAFFING STRATEGY STAFFING STRATEGY Staffing Levels Acquire or Develop Talent * Acquire internally, because Tanglewood's success is due entirely to its strong culture. * By acquiring external talents, Tanglewood would safe on the development costs, however, they would not be aware of Tanglewood’s culture. * Internal staff would have already integrated with the company’s culture and hence will inculcate a sense of belonging in the company, leading to higher commitment levels. * This is especially so for the managerial levels : regional manager, store manager and assistant store manager. Hire Yourself or Outsource * Hire yourself, because the characteristics and traits an individual possess…show more content…
* By having a long-term view, Tanglewood would have put in place talent management programmes, this would assist in internal promotion and talent development. * In the short-term, Tanglewood does not have pressing needs such as labour shortages too. Staffing Quality Person/Job or Person/Organization Match * Person/Organization Match. This is especially important because Tanglewood's success is due entirely to its strong culture. * If an individual does not have a person/organization match, he may not have a sense of belonging in Tanglewood and hence, there would not be a strong organization culture. Specific or General KSAOs * Specific KSAOs. Tanglewood would require employees to have job-specific competencies due to its organizational structure. * Furthermore, Tanglewood is not expecting rapid changes in their job content, hence there is no need to hire candidates with general KSAOs. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality * Exceptional workforce quality. The human capital in Tanglewood are the main source of success. Therefore, it is important to have a workforce with exceptional qualities. * However, for entry level jobs, it is possible to just adopt the acceptable strategy as this would help save costs as

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