Tanglewood Case 2

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Question 1c

Environmental Scan

The labor market of the Pacific Northwest indicates a high unemployment rate, and therefore difficult environment for individuals to find new jobs. There tends to be a consistent supply of qualified individuals in the urban markets of Seattle and Spokane, however it is difficult to recruit these college-educated individuals into entry-level positions in a retail environment. Retail stores tend to have a reputation of requiring long hours of work, including weekends and holidays, with little compensation. It is difficult to hire individuals that are willing to start in an entry-level position and work their way up over the years into managerial positions.
Tanglewood prefers to promote
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“When a percentage is less than would be expected by the availability percentage, a placement goal must be established” (Henemann 131). According to the information provided by the Bureau of Census EEO Residence data results for Spokane, WA, Tanglewood has minority representative gap for shift leaders and a female representative gap for store associates. These suggest that Tanglewood should be recruiting to minorities and females in a more aggressive pattern in order to fulfill the placement goals.

Question 3: Based on your analysis and the affirmative action plan, do you think the company should engage in a specific strategy to change their recruiting and promotion practices? Do you think it is realistic for the company to try to meet their affirmative action goals in a single year? What are the pros and cons of using internal promotions vs. external hiring to rectify the problems with gender and ethnicity representation in supervisory positions?

Based on my analysis and the affirmative action plan, I think that it would benefit Tanglewood to change their recruiting and promotion practices. While I believe it is desirable to promote within an organization to maintain the company’s values, the culture of the company will benefit from the addition of a more diversified staff. By only promoting from within the company Tanglewood runs the chance of maintaining the same percentages employee

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