Tanglewood Case 2

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Staffing Report One Table of Contents 1. Forecast of Labor 2. Markov Analysis Information 3. Demographic Categories 4. Promotion Practices 5. Organizational Memo Forecast of Labor: MGT Consulting gathered information from the previous year (2010) and used a Markov analysis to generate a plan of action for the employment needs for Tanglewood in 2011. The Washington market is very stable for Tanglewood and we decided that the current workforce will be sufficient for the 2011 forecast. There are 10750 current employees in the Tanglewood stores in this region. The corporate structure within Tanglewood is well known for its advancements of employees throughout the chain of command, so MGT Consulting feels that it is safe to…show more content…
With this being an example then I would suggest that Tanglewood maybe initiate some kind of incentive for these females to apply for jobs within the organization and move up the ladder which is a well known fact that Tanglewood’s core value is a standing relationship amongst its employees. Promotion Practices Tanglewood is built on hard work and honesty, One of Tanglewood’s core values is to have an open floor when it comes to ideas within the organization. These new ideas are what drive the company to be as successful as they are today. If you were to change this structure you would be killing their corporate structure. Hard work and the ideas is the key to employees moving up the chain of command. Hiring new graduates is another way to bring in new ideas to a company but it has to be the correct job/ personality match for it to work. This is true with bringing in a manger with experience into the company as well. If the core values of the company are different of that of the new hires then your making a bigger issue within the organization. I would suggest that when making these promotion or new hire decisions that they would first look from within the company and when all else fails then look for that great fit from the outside workforce. Organizational Memo: When hiring and promoting here at Tanglewood we want to give everyone the greatest chance of advancement as possible. We want to be a company known for hard and honest workers.

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