Tanglewood Case 3

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Tanglewood Case #3
Nelson Ivan Castro
PID# 3774408

1. Recruitment Guide

Position: Sales Associate

Reports to: Store Manager

Qualifications: High School Diploma.
Good communication and writing skills.
Leadership and analytical skills.
Ability to learn and apply a variety of policies and procedures.
Work effectively as a part of a team. Relevant Labor Market: Regional Northeast Timeline: There are continuous hiring activities to interview future candidates for the positions. Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: * Employee referrals * Posting job on company site * Radio and newspaper advertising * KIOSKS
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4. The Northern Oregon suggests an idea of using Kiosks and staffing agencies for hiring employees for all the stores, they believe this is the most accurate way that Tanglewood should use and implement to recruit new workforce; these methods have not only been successful Northern Oregon, but for South Oregon region too. However, The Eastern and Western regions have used a different approach, they have used the employee referral tool to recruit new employees, and it has been successful until the moment. I believe this region does not have a valid point, because if they decide to generalize the hiring and recruitment process into general ways as Kiosks and staffing companies, these other branches might start using and hiring people who does not have clearly understand what the needs, tasks, basic requirements and knowledge for the job are. Also, by implementing these new policies these branches might not receive the same quantity of people trying to enter the organization, and quality from the employees, affecting the working environment and results of these stores.

5. Tanglewood wants to keep improving their customer service quality to better assist the costumers; they should focus on obtaining sufficient quality from the variety of people who would like to work at Tanglewood, allowing employees to see this company and this position as a long

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