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Case Description/Introduction Tanglewood has organizational plans to staff open store associate positions on an ongoing, continuous basis. The first stage staffing plans must take into consideration is recruiting from the labor market. Tanglewood management team must clearly consider the different methods available as well as the associated cost benefits of each. This case study will provide Tanglewood with a recruitment guide for its open store associate position, describe the best targets for its recruitment, estimate the yields and costs of each method, and finally offer proposed recruiting messages. The organizational date provided was used to determine what Tanglewood’s best method for recruiting are. Recruitment Guide for…show more content…
Tanglewood can expect a smaller, yet more qualified pool of applicants using this method as opposed to media advertising or a kiosk for recruitment. Staffing Agency Similar to the state job services, utilizing a staffing agency is a targeted recruitment effort. Essentially, Tanglewood would be outsourcing it recruitment process to the staffing agency. This type of recruitment would target applicants that specialize in the retail industry. A benefit to outsourcing it is that the employees provided are temporary, allowing Tanglewood to hire permanently only those that best fit the organization. A staffing agency would provide Tanglewood with a smaller, specialized, pool of applicants. Data Tables Western Washington The Western Washington Division utilizes media advertising, referrals, kiosk, and job service recruitment methods. The referral efforts are producing the best results for this division of Tanglewood. The cost per fire for referrals is second only to job services. However job services returns a 22% less hiring rate than referrals, a difference of 670 employee hires. The 6-month retention between referrals and job services is almost equal at 80% with a slightly lower 1-yr retention rate difference of just 7%. After referrals, kiosks lead the way in the number of hires. However, the cost per hire for kiosks are the highest of the four methods used. Overall, referrals provide the Western Washington

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