Tanglewood Case 3 Hr Staffing Strategy Essay

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Tanglewood’s recruiting methods are different and diverse in each of their regions, and by assessing these methods there are chances of improving and additionally uniting the operations of this company. Some improvements come from creating ztarget demographics, some come from looking into the methods of recruitment, and some come by addressing issues brought forth by those already with the company. By evaluating Tanglewood’s recruiting methods and creating a guide for it to adhere by, this company can develop a recruiting service that matches their unique company culture. 1. Recruitment Guide Recruitment Guide for Store Associates Position: Store Associate Reports to: Shift leaders, Department Managers Qualifications: N/A Relevant…show more content…
The job service targets key KSAO shortages since it consists of people with specialized skills. It also targets former military personnel, because they also have key competencies that are part of the job qualifications. It would also target former employees since this group had “good track records while they were employees” which also fits for the job service recommendations (Heneman, 2009, pg. 214). Staffing agencies are more open when recruiting applicants, because the staffing agency can train any individual from any target group to do the specific jobs they will be hired to do. 3. Data Tables and Summary Western Washington (Region 1) Media Referrals Kiosks Job Services Applicants 1430 3362 3114 4236 Hired 204 1048 652 378 Total cost $719,280.00 $2,606,240.00 $2,413,574.00 $712,720.00 Cost per hire $3,525.88 $2,486.87 $3,701.80 1885.50 Eastern Washington (Region 2) Media Referrals Kiosks Applicants 4592 4046 2776 Hired 676 1016 444 Total cost $1,799,200.00 $2,565,760.00 $1,982,936.00 Cost per hire $2,661.54 $2,525.35 $4,466.07 Northern Oregon (Region 3) Media Kiosks Agency Applicants 2686 3896 1290 Hired 364 696 490 Total cost $1,022,720.00 $2,246,696.00 $1,451,400.00 Cost per hire $2,809.67 $3,228.01 $2,962.04 Southern Oregon (Region 4) Referrals Kiosks Agencies Applicants 1384 2280

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