Tanglewood Case 3

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Miriam Garcia
Tanglewood Case
Week 3

Tanglewood Case Study 3: Recruiting

Recruitment Guide

Position: Sales Associate
Reports to: Shift Leader
Qualifications: All are welcome to apply
Relevant Labor Market: Pacific Northwest
Timeline: None
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Newspaper Advertising Job Fairs College Career Fairs Job Posting on Company Website Employee Referrals
Staff Members Involved: HR Recruiting Manager, Shift Leader, Department Manager
Budget: $3,000 - $5,000

Job Targets

Based on the available positions, the targets for this recruiting campaign are candidates who are currently in high school, fresh out of high school and current college students. The reason for this, there is a large
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Out of the fourth methods of recruiting that the divisions use, media has the worst performance in regards to retention of them all. Media has an average of 44% retention rate after a year with an average total cost of $1.6 million.

Referrals Referrals are only used in 2 of the 3 divisions. Referrals have an average of 70% retention and they have an average cost of $3.3 million. The cost is twice as much as it is for Media usage but the retention rate is 26% higher.

Kiosk Kiosks are used in 3 of the 3 divisions. The average retention rate of 62% and it has average cost of $2.6 million. A kiosk falls right in between the media method and referral methods in both retention rates and average cost.

Agency Staffing services are used in 2 of the 3 divisions. The average is 85% and this method has an average of $1.8 million in costs. Agency usage seems to have a higher retention rate than the other 3 methods of recruiting.

Based on the summary above, the conclusion that I have come to is that media is the lowest performer when it comes to retention rate. It is actually significantly lower; the next closest is 18% above that and that would be the kiosk. Based on retention rates, the agencies seem to be at the top – however, I believe that this number is skewed as the

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