Tanglewood Case 3 - Recruiting Mehtods Essay

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Like many retailers, Tanglewood experiences a stable rate of turnover, and thus recruiting efforts remain high. The methods used by Tanglewood vary from many regions in which they serve, and by gauging these methods we are able to optimize and perhaps unify company operations. By reviewing the recruiting methods used by Tanglewood, we will be able to devise a guide that can be functional along with Tanglewood developing recruiting services which reflect Tanglewood’s unique personality. Please see the recruitment guide below.
Recruitment Guide for Store Associates
Position: Store Associates
Reports to: Department Managers and/or Shift Leaders
Qualifications: All considered.
Relevant labor market: Pacific Northwest
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When monitoring the number of applicants, total costs and costs per region, it is clear to see which areas receive the most and least numbers in applications and hires and which region spends the most or least on total costs and costs per hire. Region 1 receives the largest number of applicants and hires while spending the most in total costs and costs per hires. Region 4 has the lowest number of applicants and spends less than the other three regions. Regions 2 and 3 are in the middle with Eastern Washington (region 2) maintaining close proximity to Western Washington (region 1). Northern Oregon (region 3) has less hires than Eastern Washington (region 2). Northern Oregon would like to deflate the referral policy which could have a negative impact on Tanglewood’s new hires, which is something Tanglewood can not afford. By omitting the referral program, Tanglewood is looking at spending more money on total costs and costs per hire. By these costs increasing, Tanglewood may not be able to maintain its high standard of recruitment. Before making any decisions on whether or not to omit the referral program, Tanglewood needs to assess the situation and look at the cost of using kiosks. Also, other regions would be impacted by this decision by having major

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