Tanglewood Case 3 : Recruiting Essay

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Tanglewood Case 3: Recruiting
Tanglewood is constantly in need of new employees because of turnover. The recruiting process is the first step in finding and hiring the new employees. The management team of Tangle has concern of the current recruiting process because the organization does not have a centralized recruiting method. In order to have a more centralized recruiting method the current individual methods must be analyzed. To steps to analyzing the methods is to create a recruitment guide, evaluate the current recruiting methods, analyze the yield and cost per region, review the referral recruitment policy, review the recruitment methods measurement, and create recruitment messages.
Recruitment Guide for Tanglewood Store Associate
Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Department Manager
Qualifications: Open to all
Relevant labor market: Western Washington
Timeline: Ongoing recruitment
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Local and Regional newspaper, radio, and television advertising
Post job opening on Tanglewood company website
Request employee referrals
Kiosk in main entrance of stores
Contact state job services
Contact staffing agency to source candidates
Staff members involved:
HR Recruiting Manager
Store Manager
Department Managers
Direct reports
Evaluation of Recruiting Methods
Tanglewood has five primary methods of recruiting store associates in the Washington and Oregon markets. They are media,

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