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MGMT 364 Tanglewood Case Study 6 1. Develop a detailed selection plan for this position. In this case, you should determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description and the information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting the selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit 8.2 in the book. The current selection methods are the experience check, education check, Marshfield Applicant Exam, and the Retail Knowledge Test. Do not include the current interview as part of the selection plan. Selection Plan Format for Managerial Position at Tanglewood Major KSAO Category Necessary for selection? Y/N EdC ExC MAE RKT 1. Communication skills Y X X 2.Knowledge of…show more content…
Performance Dimensions Task: identify job duties and compare to ethical issues Knowledge: legal issues, duties, personal values Skill: decision making Ability: conflict solving Question Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision that benefitted the company, but went against your personal values. Scoring Key 1: Applicant fails to mention a specific incident 2: Applicants mentions a situation, but fails to mention a solution. 3: Applicant identifies a solution and provides and acceptable solution. 4: Applicant successfully identifies a significant situation and provides a solution in a way that exhibits their skills and abilities. Interviewer Comments Legal issues are not so much important as exhibition of skills and abilities regarding job duties and personal values. Question 2 Job Title Department Manager Item Description Requires applicant to explain a time they provided excellent customer service. Performance Dimensions Task: Identify customer in need, effectively seek a solution which results in customer satisfaction. Knowledge: customer service Skill: Judgment Ability: Effective communication; inductive reasoning. Question Tell me about a time you had to go beyond your comfort zone and personal limits to satisfy an unhappy customer. Scoring Key 1: Applicant fails to mention concepts related to customer service. 2: Applicant identifies concepts related to customer service, but fails to provide a solution.

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