Tanglewood Case Study

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MEMORANDUM DATE: TO: FROM: RE: April 4, 2012 Mr. Donald Penchiala, Tanglewood Staffing Services Director Kendra Novak Thornton, Tanglewood HR Planning Analyst Tanglewood Regional Divisions in the state of Washington As you requested I have reviewed our staffing forecasts and our future hiring needs. My analysis consists of methods that will help us meet our staffing and organizational goals. To do so, I have made comparisons to our forecast availabilities with our future/ projected workforce. This information will identify our potential gaps and how these gaps may be filled. STEP 1: THE FIVE STAGES OF THE PLANNING PROCESS A. Because we expect our forecast for labor requirements to be constant from the previous year, I have used…show more content…
This shows us where our shortages will occur in the next year. (Year-end-totals are also shown above in part B) 2 Year 1 Year-end totals Gap Analysis (external hires needed) 3655 Year 2 1158 Year 3 745 Year 4 129 Year 5 45 4845 42 105 21 5 Based on this information, our greatest shortage will be for store associates in the next year. This is demonstrated by taking 8500 of our current store associates workforce and subtracting 3655 the total year one projection column from it. This brought us to an 4,845 employee shortage of store associates for year one. E. Preliminary Statement of the Action Plan for Hiring for Washington Next Year Our preliminary statement of the action plan for hiring for Washington Next Year consists of an overview of the number of individuals we need to meet our projected staffing levels for various positions. Based on our forecast, we will need 4,845 store associates, 42 shift leaders, 105 department managers, 21 assistant store managers, and 5 store managers. We need to hire a very large amount of store associates for next year. This action plan describes how we can fill these positions. First, Tanglewood can dispel the long hours and low paying image of retail employment. We can incorporate additional incentive plans and fast-track raises and promotions for
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