Tanglewood Casebook 2

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Acquire or Develop Talent: The Tanglewood organization currently does not have a strong process in acquiring or developing new talent. From the case study we find that Tanglewood would like to focus on having a workforce of committed, qualified individuals who will continue the Tanglewood tradition; yet they have no solid recruiting process into place. The Tanglewood organization also has opportunity around their development process, understanding they want team members to feel valued and know that their opinions count, but just because a team member makes influential suggestions does not necessarily qualify them to be leaders. Though they have a lot of culture and tradition there are not in processes in place to help them acquire…show more content…
National or Global: With the future plans to expand, I think that it would be beneficial for Tanglewood to receive some of their goods globally. If you compare their revenue to other retail stores in their industry they are trending in the positive and far above stores similar to them in size. It is my recommendation that they outsource not only for HR reasons but also for goods. Tanglewood could take advantage of the cheaper prices of merchandise if they outsource, which overall would affect their revenue growth. Attract or Relocate: Currently Tanglewood is understaffed, for example: Eastern Washington has 25 store locations and 3,120,000 in potential customers and 124, 800 customers per store with a total of 5, 400 employees to cover the 25 stores. If you divide the number of stores by the number of employees that is 216 employees to service 124, 800 customers, which is about 570 customers per employee. If Tanglewood really wants to provide the personalized service for their customers my recommendation would be to overstaff. Though they have built a strong culture and a great employee experience, it is only going to help improve their employee experience, customer experience by having more than enough coverage. Another view on the overstaffing is the fact that Tanglewood is a retail company; they may need more staff during peak seasons such as holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Short or Long Term

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