Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy

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Tanglewood has a unique culture that emphasizes “straight talk,” employee participation, and teamwork which helps to differentiate it from most of its major competitors. Following the recent period of rapid expansion and acquisition, the company must consolidate its human resources strategy to ensure that this culture is not lost. Recommendations to achieve this goal are as follows.
Acquire or Develop Talent
Now that Tanglewood is slowing their acquisition of new stores, it’s recommended that they develop existing talent for management positions working hard to instill the company’s unique values into recently acquired employees. Tanglewood is known for their employee
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Attract or Relocate
Tanglewood should focus on attracting employees that fit its niche market. Employees may better serve customers by having local knowledge such as the best hiking routes, bike trails, camp sites; etc. Generally, the retail industry doesn’t require a highly specialized or task-specific workforce and so the company should be able to attract the talent it needs locally.

Overstaff or Understaff
Tanglewood should continue to overstaff. There is currently an abundance of department managers and assistant mangers that may at times border on surplus. However, Tanglewood can benefit by having a stockpile of talent by ensuring smooth succession in case of turnover, retirement or promotion. Overstaffing also ensures that trained staff is available during peak seasonal periods to ensure quality and the superior customer experience that consistent with the company’s values.

Short- or Long-Term Focus
Tanglewood has emphasized employee participation and teams since its inception and one of the most important cultural elements of the organization is the commitment to straight talk in all areas of business. Because the corporate staffing function has not been strong, in the short-term, Tanglewood should seek is to implement new policies and procedures that will centralize the human resources staffing strategy and create staffing operations efficiencies.

Once urgent-short term goals are met, the

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