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Michael Woyciesjes
MGMT 364
Tanglewood Case 6, Questions 1,3&4

Detailed Selection Plan (Question 1). Necessary for Selection Method of Assessment Major KSAO Category* (Y/N) EDU EXP MAE RKT
1. Knowledge of organizational policies and practices | N | | | |
2. Skill in judgment and decision making | Y | | X | X | |3. Ability to think develop original solutions w/in prescribed parameters | Y | | X | X | X |
4. Knowledge of retail management policies and practices | Y | | X | | X |5. Knowledge of legal precepts underlying personnel management | Y |
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KSOA / Performance dimensions:
Knowledge: Demonstrates that they know when to aggressively interact on issues.
Skills: Develops strategies to approach arguments.
Abilities: Oral expression, articulation and understanding.

Interview question: Explain a situation when you had to speak up in order to get a point across that was important to you.

Scoring Key:
___1 point: Very vague uninspired answer that does not show any emotion or enthusiasm.
___3 point: Overly enthusiastic to the point where details become blurred.
___5 point: Directed answer that explains a specific incident, why the argument was made, and what resulted.

4. Job Title: Department Manager
Item description: This is a behavioral interview question requiring the applicant to express skill in judgment and decision making, skill in managing personnel resources, communication and speaking skills and ability to reason deductively.

KSOA / Performance dimensions:
Knowledge: Demonstrates that applicant knows how to function in a group atmosphere successfully.
Skills: Things that individual has brought to team and how they were implemented.
Abilities: selflessness, responsiveness, mentality.

Interview question: What have you done in the past to contribute toward a teamwork environment?
Scoring Key:
___1 point: Answer that explains only what

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