Tanis Essay

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The ancient site of Tanis in the Egyptian Delta has been the subject of much examination in relation to its identity as the official location of the site. The proposed sites of Avaris and Pi – Ramesses were thought to be the location of Tanis. Due to heavy recycling of furniture, décor and construction materials from other sites, many historians and archeologists dismissed the site as the legitimate Tanis, known to be the capital of the Egyptian XXIst – XXIInd dynasties, as many findings suggested otherwise. The articles this essay will analyse, Gold of the Pharaohs by J. Yoyotte and Avaris the Capital of the Hyksos by M. Bietak, explore not only the identification of Tanis but also can contribute to the debate of the Egyptian…show more content…
Providing evidence supporting the points proposed by Yoyette, M. Bietak’s article Avaris the Capital of the Hyksos explores the most recent excavation at Tell el-Dab`a, which is the modern site at the location of Avaris. Following on from the information Yoyette addressed, Bietak indicates that there was a struggle with determining the location of the site Tanis, as compounded information suggested it was the either the site Avaris or Pi-Ramesses. The article goes on to analyse the excavations in the late 20th century by the Austrian Archeological Institute in Cairo and the Institute of Egyptology of the University of Vienna (Bietak 1996 40). Again a problem surfaced when multiple artifacts confused the two sites of Pi-Ramesses and Avaris, such as retrieved portals belonging to houses of high officials from the Ramesside period. Findings such as these only reinforced the view that the site of Tell el-Dab`a was Piramesses. Egyptologist Labib Habachi confirmed through his research and findings that the site was infact Avaris, ‘capital of the Hyksos’ (Bietak 1996, 40). Bietak’s document then looks into the architecture of the site, as well as surrounding agriculture, geographical location in regard to water sources and viable materials and the distance between Qantir and Tell el-Dab`a. Both Yoyette’s and Bietak’s articles discuss the close proximities of Avaris and Pi-Ramesses. Sharing
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