Taniya Modelski The Female Uncanny Analysis

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In “The Female Uncanny”, Taniya Modelski examines core elements of female gothic literature, the cultural and social circumstances its emergence, and how gothic narratives indicate patterns of development in order to trace female pathologies to its root and “probe the deepest layers of the feminine unconscious” (IV,7). The unique familiarity found within gothic literature can be attributed, according to Modelski, to the mirroring and evocation of experiences of social isolation, abandonment, and anxiety unique to women and girls brought on largely by social and political inequalities, and it is through gothic literature that women are able to confront, at least in part, these emotions.
Modelski theorizes that “the narrative [for female gothic
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Upon these emotions, the female gothic plot is often centered around a male lover or new husband who’s character and intentions are put into question as he becomes suspect in a murder, may intend to kill the female lead, or could be involved in an equally nefarious business. While this plot is founded upon a “core of truth… men are often cynical, mocking, and hostile in their relationships with women” (I, 61), Modelski furthers that paranoia at this stage in a woman’s life steams more from social isolation than justified delusion, especial as during the emergence of the female gothic genre, women were “expected as a matter of course to leave their own familiar surroundings and go wherever the husband dictated and…were supposed to remain idle.” This sense of powerlessness in combination with the victimization complexes developed during infancy fosters uncertainty and anguish over the intentions of male, as well at most other intimate figures in female life. Modelski further stipulates that “the letdown women feel as their dreams of romance and marital bliss conflict with
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