Tannery Industries in the Hajaribagh Area and Its Impact on the Urban Form and Morphology

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Hazaribagh is a densely populated unplanned area of Dhaka city where about 185 leather processing industries have been operating and discharging solid and liquid wastes directly to the low-lying areas, river and natural canals without proper treatment. For this unsympathetic development of the city urban living environment is deteriorating and becoming unlivable.

Hazaribagh area is an unplanned area where leather processing industries have begun to develop from 1950s. Due to the rapid expansion of these industries since 1950s and their untreated toxic effluent discharge, it has a measurable impact on the living environment of
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A statistics available from the Department of Environment reveal that 95 per cent of the tannery industries have been built in unplanned way at the congested places of Hazaribag during the last fifty years. At present during the peak monsoon about 21 thousand and 600 cubic meters of liquid toxic wastes are dumped daily into the river Buriganga from the 185 tannery industries of Hazaribag. There is no alternative way to dump this liquid toxic waste at the time of continuous production of tannery industries.

Unfortunately a recent observation of Hazaribagh clearly shows an active decay and destruction primarily attributed to unplanned growth and poor maintenance. This area now appears no more than an inner city unhygienic environment. Technical compatibility is necessary to improve the houses and the community with certain policies. An architect is one who has the socio cultural consciousness, technical assistance, historical knowledge and moreover intuition by which he can foresee the befitting three dimensional redevelopment of an area. As a student of architecture, the main concern of this study is to propose the Community a guideline for healthy living environmental keeping the unique fabric of the area with cultural and historical consciousness.

2. Objectives and scope of the study

The study area has been selected here for investigation as an important and sensitive part of the Dhaka city

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