Tanning Beds Are Becoming Popular Amongst Younger People

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Tanning Beds
Tanning is becoming popular amongst younger people, possibly leading them to their death. Social media, peers, and celebrities have taught us that our appearance is more important than our health. Tanning beds are becoming the next trend; the next cigarette. Instagram has become flooded with images of young, fit people with an unnatural orange glow, followed by an endless stream of comments reading “goals.” The cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get a natural looking tan is to use a tanning bed. Tanning beds expose humans to extreme UV rays, deepening the shade of pigment in the skin. Extreme UV exposure is the most common reason people get skin cancer, as if the sun wasn’t enough UV exposure as is. Tanning has become a life-threatening trend amongst the younger generation and what they don’t realize is that: they need to learn to love themselves the way they were born, they are becoming addicted to tanning and distant to their loved ones, and their lives can be taken away from tanning.
A wide majority of people are struggling with self-esteem issues and lean towards tanning beds to make them feel better about themselves. The major influences that media portrays impact how people see themselves when they look in the mirror. The trend of using tanning beds has morphed a society where people think those who are beautiful are the ones who are tan. Young women believe that they have to fit in with the crowd in order to be accepted. Becky Kocon had this problem

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