Tanning Beds Usage Among High School Students

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Tanning Bed Usage Among High School Students Introduction here Tanning Beds and Health Outcomes Among the general public the use of tanning beds is associated with a variety of health risks. According to Madigan and Lim (2016), some of the risks include an increased occurrence of skin cancers (melanoma and nonmelanoma) and becoming psychologically dependent on using tanning beds. Another interesting health outcome linked to tanning bed use is people who use them tend to participate in “other high-risk health behaviors” (Madigan & Lim, 2016, 640). For the purpose of this paper, I will focus on the skin cancer and high risk behavior outcomes linked with tanning bed use. Melanoma & Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer According to International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (2007) systematic review about sunbeds and melanoma cancer worldwide, “First exposure to sunbeds before 35 years of age significantly increased the risk of melanoma” (1116). Further research strengthens the link between tanning beds and melanoma. Lazovich et al. (2010) studied the diagnosed cases of melanoma in the state of Minnesota between 2004-2007. The age group they studied was 25-59, and asked the study participants about their tanning bed practices (1557). They found out that the odds ratio “for the likelihood of melanoma in relation to having ever tanned indoors was 1.74…Melanoma risk increased markedly with frequency of use” (Lazovich et al., 2010, 1564). There is also considerable evidence regarding the use

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