Taoism Vs Kabbalah

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This idea of coexisting with the good and bad is best explained through Taoism and Kabbalah. Taoism is the Chinese philosophy explained through the Ying-Yang symbol, whereas Kabbalah is a mystical Jewish tradition. Taoism acknowledges that both light and dark, or good and bad, forces are necessary for the well-being of the body. According to this theory, if light is greater, dark is then smaller and vice versa. Taoism states that it is your duty to locate this underlying harmony between the two forces to establish a natural order. In addition to Taoism, Kabbalah still recognizes the existence of these two forces. This theory states that the person has a yetzer hara, or an evil inclination and a yetzer hatov, or a good inclination. The yetzer
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