Taos Ski Valley Case Study

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I want Taos Ski Valley to construct a community-oriented commercial plaza filled with local establishments to recapture the “New Mexican” local brand while providing tourists with comfortable accessibility to cultural foods and lounging.

CEO David Norden, COO Gordon Briner, VP Chris Stagg, and other elected board members. They will respond to a mix of emotional, logical, and mythos appeals. Showing the statistics of the number of bad reviews due to wait times/overcrowded will be an attention grabber to any business leader. In addition, showing pictures, sharing stories, and providing testimonials of the problems will affect the more casual outdoorsman type person. Lastly, including Mythos appeals through sharing the locals traditions on
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I will direct the audience to a financial analysis of profits expected in a 5 year plan. In addition, I’ll reemphasize that this project goes beyond just making profits but increasing customer satisfaction, addressing a political problem with the locals, and boosting the local economy of the city of Taos. Furthermore, showing how these intangible benefits will lead to tangible benefits in the future such as a strengthened city economy will speed up building an airport close by so tourists do not have to fly into the nearest airport 3 hours away.
I will assert that Taos Ski Valley has seen growth in summer tourism through mountain biking, chairlift rides, and scenic tours. In addition, mentioning that the plaza will adjust its operating hours to accommodate less tourists.

A not to formal presentation would be the most impactful communication medium. This project has a lot of vision elements that can only be communicated in a face to face manner with visual aids. This would help the board see the vision and have everyone on the same
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