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The Differences between Clogging and Tap Dancing

Both clogging and tap dancing have been around for hundreds of years but very few can tell the two apart. They each have similar steps and are both energetic types of dance. Clogging and tap are quite similar, hence why they’re often confused, but the style of these two dances and the shoes worn during each dance show how different these two types of dance actually are. The style of dance differs from one another. Tap is a fusion of British Isles clog and step dancing. Irish Step dancers created tap dancing in the mid-1800s but metal taps were not used until 1915. Tap dancers lean forward while dancing, keeping their weight on their toes. Tap routines are always choreographed to the melody
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Although each type of shoe is available in both solid and split soles and in three colors (black, white, and beige), there are a few differences between the two types of shows. Tap shoes have single plated taps. They are one solid piece of metal, attached to the shoes by screws. The sounds the taps make can be altered by loosening or tightening the screws. Because the taps on tap shoes are just one solid tap, the sounds are flat and solid. Clogging shoes, however, are a bit different. Clogs are built a lot sturdier because clogging is a rougher dance. Unlike tap shoes, the taps on clogs are two pieced. There is a second tap that is securely attached to the first tap that has the ability to jiggle without becoming detached. With a second tap, the sound a clogging shoe makes is more intricate and a lot more powerful. The difference in taps on both tap shoes and clogging shoes is one of the biggest differences between these two types of dance. Clogging and tap are, in fact, similar but small details, like their individual styles and the shoes worn for each, differ from one dance style to the other. Tap and clogging have many of the same origins, supporting the fact that visually, they look very similar. With the knowledge how tap dancing and clogging are similar yet quite different, which type of dance would you be interested in
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