Tap Water : The Better Choice

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Tap Water: The Better Choice

“Tap water is much better than bottled water.” “Tap water is bad for people; drink bottled water instead!” These are examples of some of the arguments we have heard when discussing this subject. People assume that one of the options is always better than the other. Most people do not look into the facts as to why one is better than the other. If people do research on the subject, they might find that tap water is better than bottled water. Tap water is better than bottled water because it is cheaper, safer to use, easier to access and maintain, and overall better for the environment. People may think that bottle water is cheaper than tap water, but bottled water is more expensive. In fact, bottled water is ten-thousand times more expensive than tap water (Save Money…Paragraph 4). Globally, the average amount of money spent on water bottles is one-hundred billion each year (Karlstrom and Dell’Amore, Paragraph 3). Think of how much of that money could go towards building tap wells in countries that do not have clean water. These tap wells will supply clean water for only 1.7 billion dollars a year. This would be cheaper than buying bottled water. Bottled water is also more expensive to produce. To make water bottles, “it takes up to four gallons of water to bottle one gallon of water (Save Money…Paragraph 1).” The plastic bottle takes more water to make than the amount of water that is actually put inside of it. If people were to convert from…
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