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Reflections of the world and its issues can be found in the strangest of places. Take a quilt for example, a quilt creates a beautiful pattern using colorful pieces of fabric. While the pieces do touch, the vibrant colors are forever separated by a boundary, sentenced never to intertwine. However, if one were to direct their attention to the similar, yet different masterpiece known as a tapestry, another analogy will present itself. A tapestry is a story retold not with words, but with strings colorful thread woven together. Although the quilt is beautiful and it's own way, it's a mediocre compared to a tapestry. A tapestry demands hours of work and patience produce the its famously beautiful portraits, but a quilt will require minimal effort…show more content…
In this world, all languages and dialects will be taken and woven together to produce a picture that's beauty is on a scale never before seen. It is my firm belief that to achieve this world of beauty, people in every corner of the Earth should push for the study of foreign language to be set in the mandatory curriculum for all students. The statement “The children are our future,” is not just for Whitney Houston songs, it’s an accurate statement that should be kept in mind when making choices on a child's behalf, so when it comes time for the decision of mandatory education topics, I request that foreign language be added to the list. The study of a foreign language is necessary to a juvenile as math or science. Not only will this study vastly improve a child’s knowledge of language and culture, but it will benefit them in many other subjects as well. For example, bilingualism can offer a helping hand in developing and strengthening a child’s long-term learning skills. These skills will follow a child throughout their school years and into the rest of their life. This benefit is due to the fact that when studying another dialect a great amount of memorization is needed for a child's brain to fully absorb the knowledge and become fluent in a language
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