Tapon Tax Homeless Women

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All she could do was sit and wait for the bleeding to stop because it’s not like she could afford anything to control it. She was homeless, she could hardly afford food. It’s things like this that make so many women all over the world fight to end the tampon tax. Since the fall of eve, women have been plagued with a week long, monthly period, causing us to spend around $120 per year on feminine products. This is sexist, as tampons are absolutely paramount for hygienic living. This is why many women believe that this particular item should be free of cost, just like contraception is (not a sine qua non, but still free). To make a homeless woman pay for things she desperately needs is like trying to make a dog pour its’ own food. Though there are plenty of reasons to not tax feminine products, the states have some pretty valuable reasons to tax them. One reason is for state revenue. If the states cut the tampon…show more content…
Tampons are simply too expensive for them to afford so that’s why many people are working to help these women who can’t afford to pay for them by holding drives and fundraisers. Margo Seibert and Caroline Angell started an organization in New York that holds “regular drives to collect hygiene products and package them for delivery to shelters and other places that have limited access” (Shen 1). Though this organization exists, it can not reach every homeless woman. This is why women are also working to cut the tampon tax entirely. It’s these reasons and more that provoke women everywhere to make a change and put an end to the tampon tax. Charging women for a natural bodily function is ridiculous and needs to end. Women should not be penalized for having their period. Menstruation is a part of life and no woman should be necessitated to pay for something that can potentially be embarrassing enough as it
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