Taran Swan Essay

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Taran Swan’s story as general manager of Nickelodeon Latin America is a true pattern of successful leadership in building organizations. She manages to foster a great team of people who would feel equal and work together to achieve a common goal that she manages to set without exercising authority. Furthermore she manages to make everyone feel equal in their ideas by allowing discussions rather than exercising power. Her management is extremely effective when the company was being created but at the same time, as her team increased she kept the tight working style which guarantees success in the long run even if she is not present. Although the case study that is examines her character doesn’t cover her story after 1998, I have no doubts…show more content…
However, Taran Swan successfully identifies her main recourse and advantage – the Nickelodeon brand and philosophy. Although her managers at Nickelodeon where unsure about the success that can be achieved in Latin America, she took the challenge to try and convince them that the market is ready. As she noted there were not that many opportunities to enter the competition and she fails most probably there won’t be another shot. Quickly she manages to overcome what proves to be her greatest challenge – the unfamiliar environment.
Starting with a brand and full of ideas, the first key step that Taran Swan executes is the establishment of her great team. Her strategy of recruiting talented, open minded people is a very firm base of the future company. Her personal involvement with all of her staff is vital for her future style of leading who foster communication between people in a very productive environment. She has faith in the people she has chosen to be part of Nickelodeon Latin America and firths for every single one of them, as in the case of McCarty and Friedman. She is extremely successful in creating the perfect environment for people to discuss, question and reason their ideas and views. She rarely applies her authority and at the same time by adjusting small pieces of the machine that she has created the company leaps forward. In such a hostile and unfamiliar environment most
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