Taran Swan Nichelodeon

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Case study
Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America

1. Describe the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America. Be specific How did Swan go about building that culture?

Swan formed an entrepreneurial culture that strives for competition, encourages to take risk and values for new ideas. The strong Nickelodeon identity (“orange blood”) and Swan’s business plan assisted building a clear vision and defining a key business strategy.
In order to build the strong brand and culture Swan had to find people for the dedicated positions and form a multidimensional team. Swan took risk and invested in finding the right person that would fit the organisation because a strong and trustful team was critical. (“I focused on getting the best team
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Despite of the fact that the staff were split between two office and constantly travelled to Latin America communication flow was effective on account of the established practice/systems and video-conferencing.
Another equally important point of Nichelodeon is a kid focused environment that is evident in the office. The “Grow Downs” workshops were held for new advertising executives to better become acquainted to the Nichelodeon philosophy.

2. Describe Swan’s leadership style. What impact has it had on the culture

Swan’s enthusiasm and business savvy had a major influence on the team culture. Swan is a transactional and excellent team leader who motivates and encourages followers to strive for the established goal. Delegating staff Swan took risk and focused on the key business strategy.
Although Swan had not experience in leading a large organization and Latin America she was self assured/confident in her ability to learn. Swan had a business vision that was reflected in her business plan while anticipated the financial and economic crises in Latin America (“Swan was three steps ahead of the game”) 3. What are the challenges that Swan faces at the end of the case? What actions should she take? Should she assign an interim director?
The Swan’s complicate pregnancy forced her to leave for New York and she had to make a decision how to work further and manage the projects that would shape the direction and channel’s
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