Essay on Tarantino: Genius or Violence-Obsessed?

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When we think of high school dropout we automatically start thinking, “Wow, that must’ve been some druggie.” Now what would you say if he dropped out to pursue a dream of his? Would you change your mind? What if he lied on his résumé to ‘compensate for his lack of experience in the film industry’, would you hire him? He gathered all of his knowledge while working at The Manhattan Beach Video Archives. There, he was able to work on some of his earlier scripts such as, True Romance (1993), and Natural Born Killers (1994). Looking to direct his first movie, he was able to get ahold of distribution company, Miramax Films, with Lawrence Bender set in place for production, who was able to secure funding for Reservoir Dogs (1992). Through this,…show more content…
It can also be seen as a downfall as seen in the 1950s. Communism was beginning to become a threat for the United States, as coined ‘The Red Scare’. Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, established The House Un-American Activities Committee to get rid of any existence of Communism within the United States. The committee heavily focused on Hollywood during this time. Since the film industry was a big part of the pop culture it was widely publicized within every home. An effort to get rid of anyone who had ties or an involvement with communism due to their beliefs in poltics was put on the blacklist. The list included: Alvah Bessie (screenwriter), Herbert Biberman (screenwriter and director), Lester Cole (screenwriter), Edward Dmytryk (director), Ring Lardner, Jr. (journalist and screenwriter), John Howard Lawson (writer), Albert Maltz (author and screenwriter), Samuel Ornitz (screenwriter), Adrian Scott (screenwriter and film producer) and Dalton Trumbo (screenwriter and novelist). The films of the 1960s were no longer considered part of Hollywood as more and more films were shot on location in different countries as well as far off studio facilities. The 60s also saw the rise of foreign language films, paranoia films of the Cold War, and direct cinema, a type of documentary. The 1980s were all about the creation of the sequels and prequels. This can be seen with the Indiana Jones Series

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