Tarantulas are Among the First Species on Earth

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Insects are among the first animals on earth. Their kingdom includes the most of all species. They appear in different forms; from 1mm spiders to the giant, bird eating, 30 cm big goliath spider. To reach this state, spiders have been manipulated by evolution for millions of years. More precisely, the tarantula is a hairy eight-legged animal with qualities we don’t yet entirely know. The physical possibilities of tarantulas are much greater than we supposed. Even though their lifestyle disgusts us, we can learn more things about them.

The physical appearance of a tarantula may vary depending on the species. Firstly, red knee tarantulas have adapted themselves to the environment they live in by building underground burrows, which protect them from warm and cold weather (Giesler). Their size may vary from 13 to 14 centimeters (Giesler), making them relatively big. They have beige hair that covers their whole abdomen and red leg joints, which gives them good camouflage (Giesler); moreover their carapace is beige (Giesler). The red knee tarantulas have 8 legs, 2 from which are used to catch preys and 6 to walk (Giesler). Males are smaller than females (Giesler). They use venom glands to kill preys by injecting poison in the body of the meal (Giesler). Secondly, the Aphonopelma Chalcodes is a spider that is very hairy (Shefferly). Males can reach the size of 5-6 cm, females the size of 5-7 cm, and they have a leg spawn of 10 cm (Shefferly). They have sexual dimorphism meaning
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