Tardiness: High School and Copyright

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A. Background of the Study Tardiness has already become a habit of the high school students of Manresa school. Most of them come to school, attend their classes and scheduled appointments not on time. They all have their own reasons; traffic, working slow, waking up late, etc. Most of the students in Manresa School, are even residents of BF Homes. Some are even residing in the Manresa Village, and still, they are arriving late. They are residents who have been probably living in the village, or subdivision all their lives, who should have already put into consideration the usual problems they would encounter when they go to school. Many teachers get disappointed, but up to now, the students are still unaware of what they are…show more content…
8. Disturbance (n) – the act of disturbing, the state of being disturbed; commotion; something that disturbs. 9. Excessive (adj) – more than is acceptable : beyond what is considered acceptable, proper, usual or unnecessary 10. Excuse (v) – to pardon or overlook (a fault, offense, etc.); to offer a reason or apology for (an error, fault, etc.); to serve as a reason for; justify. 11. Habit (n) – a tendency to repeat an act again and again; a behavior pattern that has a degree of automatism. 12. Late (adj) - occurring after usual or expected time. 13. Manner (n) – a method of doing something; behavior; type or kind; habit; social behavior. 14. Misconduct (n) – formal word for improper behavior, especially by a professional person; dishonest management; improper behavior. 15. Offense (n) – the act of offending; a fault, sin or crime; the act of injuring another’s feelings; the state of being offended; assault or attack in sports, the team members. 16. Policy (n) – any system of management based on self-interest as opposed to equity finesse in general; artifice. 17. Prevention (n) – act of intervening in order to prevent something; preventing or being prevented. 18. Procrastinate (v) – a formal word meaning to delay or put off to a later time. 19. Prolong (v) – to make longer in time;

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