Target Benefits Of A Marketing Strategy Essay

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1. Target benefits from the fact that they are able to get things a discount. Target is always looked at as if it’s not cheap like Walmart, but not as high end as a store like Ligne Roset. Target has done a good job straying away from cheaper quality products and is moving towards more collaborations with high end designers in various line of products. These collaborations are done to create an exclusive line of products whose brand has become synonymous with Target. Private brands are responsible for just under a third of their sales. While in other companies like Target have tried to push forward private branding, none of have been able to establish the level of acceptance, quality and brand loyalty that Target has been able to obtain. As these brands continue to be more of a norm 2. Target’s brand strategy is working very well. Although their image has changed in a positive manner over the past few years, they have remained true to their image of being an affordable alternative to other department stores. The consumers have, and more than likely will continue to enjoy the collection of items provides in their stores. The strategy has been to provide cheap alternatives, but with the introduction of private brands, Target has been able to bring in a whole different demographic. They have done a good job balancing the affordable to quality ratio. This strategy has provided a solid profit across the Target stores. 3. Target should allocate the majority of their time to
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