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Target’s Supply Chain This papers purpose is to give an example of the benefits and how the supply chain works by taking a look at the Target Corporation’s supply chain. Target is one of the largest retail chains in the US; they first opened in 1962 in the state of Minnesota. It started out as a family- run (The Dayton Family) department store. After company growth the family started looking for ways to expand. Today Target total sales ad diluted earnings per share reached new highs of $72.0 billion and $4.52, respectively. They invested $3.3 billion of capital in our U.S. and Canadian businesses, and they returned over $2.7 billion tour shareholders through share repurchase and dividend payments. Their full-year results were right on…show more content…
As one of the current leading retailers in the US, the Target Corporation has made a path to easily get back to the majority of their customers’ demands by straight forwardly streamlining the business logistics of the supply chain, forcefully putting into distribution centers to support new chain growth, handle growth volumes from smaller frequent shipments and improving levels of service for all stores even during peak periods of volume. The company has maintained it’s effectiveness by making shipment and transportation costs better in order to gain an upper hand on operations, allowing them to have more value to its transport networks. These are some of the active outcomes that Target has managed to grow and continue to watch over as well as evaluate. Target holds and sees every opportunity to bring and add value to their business value chain, the company is not only able to effectively manage but they empower their supply chain by honing the logistics function. Target is continuously looking for new programs including adding new processes, the investment into physical capacity and technology, has also strengthened its connections with its vendors. Aspects of Target’s supply chain that will be watched include product and service; order a long with
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