Target Chain : Target 's Supply Chain

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Target’s Supply Chain For over 50 years, Target has provided American consumers with quality products delivered with “a unique shopping experience” (“About Us”, 2015). The retailing giant, second only to Walmart Corporation, secured a Fortune 500 ranking of 36 this year making them one the Top 100 companies in the U.S. (“Target”, 2015). 2014 was a tough year for the company marked with many pivotal moments including the installment of a new chief executive officer. Still, the company’s growth accelerated as the year progressed earning Target $72.6 million in revenues (“Annual Report”, 2014). The new CEO faced many challenges this year including making the tough decision to close stores in Canada and the 2013 information breach settlement…show more content…
This is an important process because it is based on the customer’s wants and needs. The products that are built here enhance the supply chain design and goes beyond just giving customers what they want. And according to Target, their guests want more sustainable products (“Corporate Responsibility”, 2014). For example, Target’s Sustainable Product Standard partners them with vendors who provide information on 6,500 products for which there is no widely accepted standard for sustainability. They evaluate this information against certain criteria based on information gathered from stakeholders. The process helps Target to provide a better selection of sustainable products for their guests (“Corporate Responsibility”, 2014). Order Processing and Management According to Misra and Choudhary (2010), advanced information and communications technology such as virtual private networks, allows organizations to reduce cycle times and operational costs. Target utilizes an efficient ready-to-ship process to get their products out to thousands of vendors. Technology links all the vendors into a customized online community with extensive reporting and management systems. Vendors can easily and efficiently order shipments from regional distribution centers. Technology has streamlined costs in this process by eliminating thousands of faxed documents from vendors. Target is also able to fill trucks with more products at lower prices (“Target Corporation”, n.d.). Value
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