Target Child's Behavior In The Classroom

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Some of the things new with my observations are that I feel my target child and I have finally come out of our comfort zones. I am a very loud and happy person in everything I do, but when I meet people for the first time I am almost hermetic until I become comfortable and I feel like my target child and I weren't getting a real environment to observe them in. However, now that we have both reached a point where we are comfortable around each other, it makes it easier to interact with them and get a more accurate observation. Another thing that is new with my observation is I am able to discuss my target child's behavior in the classroom with the teacher because I have reacher a comfort level with her as well. At first, I was nervous to discuss anything with her because I wasn't sure if she would think my opinions were way off, but it turns out that she agrees with almost everything I observe as well. With that being said, I am not discussing my recorded observations with her, just making small talk of things we see in the classroom on a daily basis with my target child and the other students.

One thing that was problematic for me was the anxiety and sheer nervousness I had of starting this observation. Like I said, when I meet new people I become almost hermetic, so having to go in to someone's classroom that I didn't
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Two uses for them are to show whether a child is falling behind or working ahead of other students in their class. This is how a judgment would be made on whether a child would need to be in an ESE class or a gifted class in higher levels of school. By observing children with assessments, teachers and parents are better able to understand what exactly a target child's mind and body might be ready for. I think one of the main goals for assessments is more so to see if a child is falling behind whether it's behavior, curriculum or development. I feel they are often used to show delays than
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