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HR in the Target Corporation Introduction Human resource is an appellation used in referring to the workforce of an organization or company. Human resource management is involved in the act of putting together employees in an organized manner to assure the objectives of the organization are achieved in a competent and experienced manner. Human resources are the most important services of any organization since they are the catalysts of non-human resources and the medium for developing competitive advantages and sounds of creativity. No organization can exist without a human resources department (Walsh, 2009). A company without an HR department would be reducing its operations and could collapse within a short amount of time. The…show more content…
A manager should also be flexible and open to learning new skills for future promotions and job opportunities. Jobs should also be flexible enough to accommodate managers according to their skills and experience. Managers responsible for job placement should keep in mind the organizational requirements and culture, since all companies do not have the same job design. Individuals should be flexible enough to fit into the culture of an organization (Grote, 1996). Target Corporation has a very detailed job design that clarifies the responsibilities of employees in their various departments. They have a strong and effective job design in place, since it is a constantly growing company. All the departments at Target coexist very well with one another and this has allowed continued success over years. Not one department works independently. Instead, they are all connected, which allows them to assist one another in their duties and with the customers. There is a thorough screening process before any candidate is hired. An intensive interview is conducted, allowing only the most qualified candidates an opportunity for employment. Canvassing is not tolerated, as this leads to automatic disqualification from the selection process. All the employees at Target wear the same company uniform throughout the entire organization. Name tags are worn by each person with no title showing on the tags, which eases tension in a new employee who may notice a supervisor via a

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