Target Corporation: Marketing Strategy and Analysis

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Target Corporation: Marketing Strategy and Analysis Target Corporation has recognized itself as one of the top retailers in the United States market on the basis of excellent service quality, customer experiences, operational excellence, strong financial position, and a wide array of product offerings. Through its high degree of service orientation at physical outlets and adoption of fair business practices, Target Corporation has become the most distinctive retailer in the eyes of its potential customers. Being one of the top-notch retailers in the United States, Target Corporation has to carefully strategize on its business operations and marketing tactics so as to keep itself in the row of competitive brands of the industry. The Most Potential Customer Segments for Target Corporation The most potential customers for Target Corporation at its retail outlets and online incarnation are mothers shopping for their children. This segment of the target market belongs to the upper income group of the society which can easily afford to pay a high price for quality products and services. But at the same time, these mothers look for the most convenient and cost-efficient shopping channel. Target recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality of products along with the best customer services to its potential customers. To match the exact needs of this segment, Target Corporation must focus its core competencies on the Vision of George Dayton; Expect More, Pay Less.
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