Target Corporation Practices Support Social Responsibility

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Target Corporation practices support social responsibility statement Target Corporation 's social responsibly commitment area for the employees, customer and communities are creating positive shopping experience, making Target Corporation a great place to work, and support the community. Positive experience includes selling clean natural products and organic and sustainable product better for human beings. The “Simply Balanced” is certified organic food that will not contain harmful Tran-Fats or any of food additive ingredients, and the plant based food are GMO-free (CSR, 2014). Target Corporation sells a resource responsible product by working with a supplier that helps to sustain food supply including seafood that is traceable. It designs a packaging using recycle and renewable material and reduces overall material thus reducing waste. This helps to protect the product and positive impact on the surroundings and environment. Target Corporation is a leader in being transparent on corporate governance, shareholder reporting, and product innovation by bringing the industry together to find a solution, and product information dissemination to the community and citizens, particularly, the products consumers put in or on their body. By keeping it employee happy those who loves to come to work every day and help its customer, Target Corporation makes it a great workplace to work (CSR, 2014). It offers many health benefits, financial and educational assistance as part of its
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