Target Corporation and Hackers

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Target Corporation acknowledged a breach in their systems just as the 2013 holiday season was in full swing. The hacker have taken the information of nearly 40 million credit and debit cards from shoppers who shopped in its stores over the initial three weeks of the holiday season. This is the second biggest penetration of its kind announced by a United States retailer, of which Target is the third largest retailer. Apparently, the hackers worked quite speedily with the operation lasting from the day before Thanksgiving to Sunday December 15, 2013. These nineteen days are part of the large kickoff to the Christmas sales season. Target is said to be working with federal law enforcement and other experts to avert comparable future attacks. The company has not and does not seem to have an intention of revealing exactly how the system was compromised. It is known, however, that the company did not find the attack alone. Continuing, it seems that the retail giant was notified by partners of the attack. Specifically, “the retailer was alerted its systems might have been compromised by credit card processors who had noticed a surge in fraudulent transactions involving credit cards that had been used at Target” (Spencer, 2014). Now it also seems that the online systems were not affected rather only the company’s physical locations were compromised. Timing was clearly a factor in the attack. The holidays are known to be a high-risk time for all types of crime but specifically of
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