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Assignment 1 is worth 20% of your total mark for this course; it should be submitted after you have completed the readings and learning activities for Lessons 1 through 6. Your assignment submission should be no more than 10 pages in length. A page is defined as double spaced, with standard margins, and using a standard 12-point font. The cover page, which should include your name and student number, does not count as a page. A deduction of 10% will apply if your assignment is more than 10 pages long. For additional advice on how to complete this assignment, refer to the Preparing Assignments page (a link is also provided in the Evaluation block on the course homepage). Read the case “Target: From ‘Expect More’ to ‘Pay Less’”…show more content…
At the time Target was promoting fashionable brands with reasonable pricing, Where as Walmart was focusing on having low prices all the time. This is a major actor for Target because this triggered the top management of Target to re think their strategy and come up with a lower prices strategy to capture those lost customers back from Walmart. The third major actor in the micro environment is internal publics within Target. With the Loss of market share and profits, the major investor in Target William Ackamn accused targets board of directors of being inexperienced and unable to deal with the abrupt economic downturn, after losing 85% of his $2 Billion investment, he asked for control of 5 of the board of directors chairs. This caused Steinhafel to only intensify his Pay Less emphasis. He took out numerous newspaper Ad’s and created a new set of television spots with a slogan of “This is a brand new day. And its getting better every single day”. Thus the mounting internal pressure from a major investor played a big role in pushing Targets management to get results and preform. The fourth and final actor is the Companies Operations. Target made two significant operational changes, the first is converting parts of its stores to mini grocery stores that would carry 90 percent of the food categories found in full size grocery stores, this led to customer convenience and proving to customers that they are a one stop shop for all their needs.
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