Target Group for Bullying and Harassment Prevention Training Program

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Introduction: To look for target group and analyze the program offered is the initial goal. Determine how program will fit into target groups life style. How will it affect the students being taught by the target group. After identifying and hypothesizing, implement strategies to deal with target group in a successful manner that continues the program in the future. Definition: Target group is a group specific to the goal. It is chosen through various components.Determine how your product or service will fit into your target's lifestyle. How and when will they use the product? What features are most appealing to them? What media do they turn to for information? Do they read the newspaper, search online or attend particular events? (How to Define Your Target Market 2012) 1. Look at your current base: -Who are the people who will participate in the program? -Who will benefit from it? 2. Check out your competition/obstacles: -Who are your competitors targeting? -What kind of obstacles are there that will thwart successful completion? 3. Analyze your product/service: -Write out a list of each feature of the program. Next to each feature, list the benefits they provide. -Provide proof of findings and locate resources necessary to execute idea. 4. Choose specific demographics to target: -Figure out not only who has a need for the program and who could benefit. Age, Location, Gender, Income level, Education level, Marital or family status, Occupation, Ethnic
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