Target Hack

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After researching a bit more about the 2013 Target hack, I found out that it ended up becoming the largest retail hack in U.S. history (Bloomberg, 2014). Target failed their customers largely in part because of one main reason. They were alerted not once, not twice, but three times of the suspicious activity, before finally reacting to it. Ironically, this hack took place just six months after spending $1.6 million for a new malware detection program (Bloomberg, 2014). Unfortunately for the 40 million people whose credit card information was taken and the other 70 million people whose address, phone numbers and other information was breached, Target failed to respond to the initial alerts from the monitoring company in an appropriate time frame…show more content…
It also seems as though he had a genuine passion for leading. Fast Company interviewed Steinhafel and stated that throughout their conversation, he “peppered his conversation with “we” without once referring to that tired chestnut that there is no “i” in team” (Dishman, 2012). With that being said I would imagine Gregg Steinhafel to have some decently established interpersonal skills. He understands the importance of teamwork and that in order to accomplish great things you need to set forth a great effort. During his Fast Company interview, he also speaks about the respect he has for his team and making it a point to not call people at night (Dishman, 2012). As for the decisional aspect of things, he would negotiate deals with other brands but only if they share the same characteristics and values Target strives to uphold (Dishman, 2012). Given the positive words I have read about Steinhafel, I still believe that the timeframe in which the Target hack was disclosed to the public could have been handled better. Being the spokesperson for such a large company and given the impact this hack had on the vast portion of the United States, Steinhafel should have responded to the public sooner than four days after the
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