Target Inc : An American Retailing Firm Essay

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Target Target Inc. is an American retailing firm that was founded in 1902 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since its inception, the company has experienced tremendous growth and profitability to an extent that it is the second largest retailer in the United States, with Wal-Mart being the largest. By 2013, Target Inc. was ranked 36th on Fortune 500 and is among the components of the Standard & Poor 500 index. The success and growth of Target, Inc. is further evident in the expansion of its operations to Australia and Canada where it started operations in March 2013 and has 127 locations. In the United States, Target Corporation has opened more than 1,900 stores, which contribute to the firm’s huge profitability every year. A fundamental financial analysis of its recently published financial statements shows the growth and profitability of Target Inc. across all its major business segments and operations. Background of the Firm, Industry, Economy and Outlook Target Inc. is an award-winning retail firm that was established in 1902 as a subsidiary of the Dayton Company in Minneapolis (“Company Background”, n.d.). Upon inception, the company rapidly became the most profitable retail chain in its parent company holdings. This rapid profitability was achieved because Target Inc. differentiated itself from its business rivals through the creation of an upscale discount market niche. The growth of the company in its initial years can be attributed
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