Target Market And Market Segmentation

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Target Market and Market Segmentation: The above demonstrated Farmer’s Fridge log has been renovated to reflect a more modern, culturally stimulating and reflecting the country of the Philippines. The logo consists of a mango like shape in the back drop which also represents the sun. This decision is based off of one of the Philippines most popular fruits, the mango. The reference to the sun derives from the country’s flag which has a sun with eight rays shooting off that reflect the countries eight provinces. The updated company’s logo also incorporates the yellows and greens used within the original logo; but are focused on being more vibrant and unified within the images and letters. The incorporation of the palm trees within the wave represent the tropical climate the Philippines is known for. Lastly, the fork that is merged from the wave displays the conveniences and provided utensils that are included in your healthy eating alternative experience when you purchase products from our kiosks; ultimately, making the experience come equipped with everything you need and providing efficiency. Below you can find the Philippines flag and the second image illustrates Farmer’s Fridge original United States based logo – commonly indicative of a domestically Midwestern background. Figure 1. An image illustrating the Philippines flag. Taken from: History of the Philippine Flag. (n.d.). Retrieved December 6, 2016, from
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