Target Market / Customer Profile

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Target market/customer profile: individual or business, retail or wholesale, demographic, psychographic, geographic, socio-economic characteristics, size or needs met.
The company is going to be a family own business until we see profits and have the income to expand. Once we have the income we can start to look to retail or. Wholesale. The product that we will be selling will be marketed to everywhere in the United States and world wide in the future. It doesn’t matter were you live you will always see someone riding his or her bike. Like I mention before everyone is attracted to motorcycles and cherish their life. The motorcycle companies are very good at coming out with new models that intrigue every type of personality no matter how
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People race motorcycles for a living and make a lot of money and they need the best protective equipment that money can buy to push their limits and be able to get up and do it again. One of the biggest concerns with people that want to buy a bike is their safety. They might be OK with it, but their family members might see it as a killing machine, which if used improperly it can be. That’s were we come in and give them customer or their relatives the warm feeling that if they purchase our product that they will have a greater change of coming back if in an accident.

Market analysis: total market size and the share you will capture, seasonality, unique aspects
There are about 200 million motorcyclist from young to late adulthood in the world and I would to provide my safety equipment to all of them. I know this will be impossible at the beginning but with dedication and the expansion of the company we can get near that number. My main focus is going to be the United States because the company will be located in California. Once out name starts to travel around from advertising and costumer to new customers I can focus on expanding to the worldwide level. Right now no one has the idea to include a small compact parachute in conjunction with full body airbag to reduce in jury to motorcyclist. By being the first and selling quality we
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