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TARGET MARKET Instead of building a business around a preconceived concept, we conducted market research and built a concept around our consumers. Our market segmentation identified the following key drivers as areas of opportunity to serve D’Shuk Café customers with home delivery of D’Shuk Café collection of menus. The main target market is quite simple because we focusing of a regular local resident customer base. D’Shuk Café really concern and response to increased for quality food with fast service of home delivery. This is a recognition that many of the customers prefer to just use home delivery service because they do not have the time to cook themselves. Nowadays people have busy lifestyles that ask for something fast that…show more content…
D’shuk Café will be a aim restaurant of home delivery service. Family gathering or functions such as birthdays and reunion would be great when using D’shuk Café catering service due to our variety foods can be choose due to the fuctions. Families tend to have disposable income, and will spend quite a bit in such outings but with home delivery they will not have to face with that problems. High-end Singles We will attract them with our light, healthy, delicious and variety foods that make them no doubt to call us anytime they want. Even whoever in diet and having low budget they still can get something from our café by using our home delivery service Working customers D’shuk Café would be ‘the’ restaurant for working customers as the menu price are reasonable. This would help them to save their money and be spent at something else. If they need to work until late night and get hungry they no need to worry about foods because with our home delivery service this problem can solve. We will deliver foods in their office anytime they wish as long as the office is around Petaling Jaya. Students There are more than 23 colleges and universities in Petaling Jaya. So the students in the hostels that do not have transportation to go out can choose D’Shuk Café as another option to have their breakfast, lunch or dinner either just have to enjoy they meals at the cafeteria in their colleges or hostels. The home delivery service is the way for them to try and enjoy our

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