Target Market Of The Celcom Company

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Question 1: Identify the respective organizations target market (Digi and Celcom) Digi The target market of the Digi Company are the customers age that lie within 10 to 40. It is because there is a more mobile phone users among teenagers, adolescent and adult. They need it to communicate with friends, workers, employers and even the top manager in the organization. Besides that, within that age of people, they are more likely to purchase the item with high advance technology. ( Celcom The customers that aimed by the Celcom Company is teenagers, adolescent and adult. Celcom Company aim the teenagers because teenagers nowadays would likely to purchase the more advance technology as they like to show off and compare with peers. Same goes to the adult as they need it to communicate with employers and employees. ( Question 2: positioning of respective organizations (Digi and Celcom) Positioning (Digi) Low cost and low price are the most important factors that Digi attracts the customers, as well as the calling package which occupy the family market share and more economical. Moreover, instead of just provide affordable and worthy…show more content…
This already is the 53rd animated movie that produced by the Walt Disney Company. Disney Brothers, his business partner and brother, Roy are the company original founder. Walt Disney Company also manage to open a third studio in Burbank, California due to they have gain the profit after the first release of the lengthy movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. Besides that, the income for the company also come from the Mickey Mouse and others consequently film that

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