Target Market Of The International Market

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Part B: Project – Identify target market in the international market 1. Describe the total market (e.g. number of visitors, market share, and visitor expenditure) for TTNQ in the country you have identified as offering the best potential for TTNQ. In describing the total market, you should also provide a brief analysis of trends and past performance of visitors to TNQ from your identified country. Selected countries Number of visitors Market share Visitor expenditure Market trends Past performance of visitors to TNQ Malaysia 325,000 39% $384million Holiday purpose, to experience the natural beauty of destination and unique experiences gain through travelling to other country. The trend of travel in Malaysia is increasing these years as…show more content…
Most of them are looking for activities or travel package that are included with activities that can release their stress and relax The past performance of TTNQ of Singapore is low as people in Singapore are only concentrating in work and earning money instead of spending for travelling purpose. They are more emphasis on saving money for retired or education purpose. Thus, travel will not be their first option 2. Using your research findings so far, who will be your target market for TTNQ in the international market? Describe the target market using relevant segment descriptors. Target market for TTNQ will be: - Family, Friends and relatives - Travelling alone - Adult couple Target market segment descriptors: Target market segment Age Gender Income Lifestyles/values Family, Friends and relatives 35-55 Male $4000-$5000 Involve in leisure activities, family time, relaxation, self indulgence, and enjoyment is their priority to get away from their everyday busy working life. This is because the lifestyle in Malaysia and Singapore are quite stress and pressure as people are spending more time for work instead of their personal life. Thus, a relax and stress free lifestyle are important for them when they have free time Travelling alone 25-35 Female $3000-$4000 Self fulfillment and personal enrichment are important to them, they are willing to spend more for something that value or worth for money as their self enrichment are more important than
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